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Friday, August 02, 2013

Kellogg Issues Recall of Special K Red Berries Cereal 1053

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Kellogg Co K.N. has issued a recall of 36,000 packages of its Special K Red Berries cereal due to the potential presence of glass fragments. The company said glass shards may have been mixed in with one of the ingredients in a single batch of cereal. There have been no injuries reported. San Diego personal injury attorney

Suit Forthcoming Over NYPD Fatal Shooting 1052

Wrongful death is another area of
The family of a man shot and killed by an NYPD detective last October have said they will file suit against the officer and the The family believes the officer "acted negligently and recklessly when he fired his weapon during a traffic stop," which resulted in the victim's death. In his statement, the officer said the victim was armed, but no weapons were found in the car or on the scene. The lawsuit will seek $20 million in damages. San Diego personal injury attorney

Lockheed Martin Settles $19.5 Million Suit 1051

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Lockheed Martin Corp. has agreed to settle a $19.5 million lawsuit over misleading information on prospects for the company's technology division. The suit, filed by shareholders, claimed Lockheed's overstatement of financial projects led to a steep decline in stock prices in 2009. San Diego personal injury attorney

Yoga Shouldn't Be Taught in Calif. Schools 1050

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A lawsuit has been filed against the Encinitas, Calif., public school district in an effort to half the teaching of yoga to elementary school kids. The lawsuit claims yoga "represents a religious indoctrination" and violates state law that prohibits religion from being taught in public schools. The lawsuit is not seeking any damages but is asking the court to halt the yoga program. San Diego personal injury attorney

Suit Over Lack of Wiccan Chaplains Revived 1049

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A federal appeals court has revived a California woman's lawsuit against the state prison system over a lack of full-time Wiccan chaplains. Currently the state has paid chaplains for five faiths - Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim and Native American - the lawsuit calls this a violation of the establishment clause in the First Amendment. San Diego personal injury attorney

Wrongful Death Suit Settled over Mother's Murder spacer image 1048

Wrongful death is another area of
A wrongful death lawsuit has been settled over the murder of a Kansas woman in November 2009. The suit was filed by the woman's children against their father, claiming he conspired with two others to have their mother killed. No charges have been filed against the father, but another man allegedly involved in the crime has been convicted of murder. While the exact terms of the settlement were undisclosed, it has been reported the settlement could be in the $200,000 range. San Diego personal injury attorney

Suit over Navy Vet Suicide Settled 1047

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A Navy veteran in Virginia has reached a settlement in a medical malpractice suit she filed against the Hampton Veterans Administration Medical Center over the suicide of her twin sister. The suit claimed the victim overdosed on antispychotic medication prescribed by doctors at the center. The lawsuit claimed doctors were made aware the victim had attempted suicide, but failed to reduce or stop her prescribed dosage. Records show that doctors prescribed over 5300 pills to the victim over the course of one year. San Diego personal injury attorney

BWM Recalls 570,000 Vehicles in the U.S., Canada 1046

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German automaker BMW has issued a recall of 570,000 vehicles in the U.S. and Canada due to a faulty battery connecter cable that can cause engines to stall. The recall covers various 3-Series, 1-Series and Z4 vehicles, model years 2007 through 2012. The company said the cable connectors can degrade over time, causing a break in the electrical connection between the battery in the trunk and the fuse box in the front. San Diego personal injury attorney

Abuse Suit At Hawaii School Settled 1045

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A federal judge in Hawaii has approved a preliminary $5.75 million settlement in a class-action lawsuit against the state over sexual abuse of students at Hawaii School for the Deaf and Blind. The suit claimed the state knew for years that younger students at the school were being abused by older classmates but did nothing to halt the abuse. San Diego personal injury attorney

NOLA Police Beat Cuffed Man During Mardi Gras 1044

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An Alabama man has filed suit against New Orleans police, claiming he was beaten unconscious while handcuffed to a bench near Bourbon Street by police during Mardi Gras 2012. The plaintiff also claims that officers attempted to cover up their actions by destroying surveillance video and writing a "false and misleading" report. The man was taken to a local hospital and diagnosed with a concussion, requiring further medical treatment. San Diego personal injury attorney

Writer Cornwell Awarded $51 Million in Lawsuit 1043

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A federal jury in Massachusetts has awarded nearly $51 million to writer Patricia Cornwell in her lawsuit against financial company Anchin, Block & Anchin. In the suit, Cornwell accused the company of wildly mismanaging her money and being "negligent of their fiduciary duty." San Diego personal injury attorney

Raw Chicken Formula for Pets Recalled 1042

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Nature's Variety has issued a voluntary recall of a single batch of Instinct Ray Organic Chicken Formula for dogs and cats due to a possible health risk. The company said there may be pieces of plastic in the formula, which can pose choking risks to pets. There have been no pet injuries reported associated with the product. San Diego personal injury attorney

Excessive Force Lawsuit in Georgia Tossed Out 1041

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A Georgia judge has dismissed a lawsuit against the Macon police department that accused officers of using excessive force while searching for a fugitive at the wrong home. Police handcuffed and forced the plaintiff to the floor, mistaking him for the fugitive they were looking for. The judge ruled that the police made a "reasonable mistake" because the plaintiff and the fugitive "are of the same race and sex and have the same physical characteristics." San Diego personal injury attorney

Suit Filed, Settled over Abortion Threats 1038

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A Houston teenager has filed suit against her parents in an effort to stop them from forcing her to have an abortion. The girl, who is ten weeks pregnant, says her parents threatened her with physical force if she didn't have the procedure. Early this week, both sides reportedly reached an agreement allowing the girl to have the child as well as get married to the biological father. San Diego personal injury attorney

Black Nurse Asked Not to Touch Baby 1037

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A nurse at a Michigan hospital has filed a lawsuit against her employer, claiming hospital officials granted a man’s request to prohibit “black nurses” for caring for his newborn child. In the suit, the woman says a note was posted on an assignment clip board that said “No African American nurse to take care of baby.” The lawsuit is seeking punitive damages.San Diego personal injury attorney